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Boo Bear

Black Dawn

Black Dawn



Little Joe

Little Joe
Little Joe

Breed: Paint (Tobiano)
Height: 15 hands
Color: Black and White

Little Joe is a gelding who was foaled in Iowa. Little Joe’s registered name is Pals Rhyme n’ Reason. He is black and white and is known to be a little escape artist. He will usually come to my whistle and is good friends with the big guy Diesel. Diesel will knock down the fence and go off and play with Joe!  Joe winters in MA.


Big John

Breed: Percheron/Thoroughbred (Draft)
Height: 17 hands
Color: Black and White

Big John came to Maine from a horse auction in Iowa. When I saw him, I knew I wanted him…

We all thought he was an old old horse– but to our great surprise he was only 2 and had only a couple of teeth! The only thing we thought was wrong with him was that he had ringworm, but actually the big circles on the side of his neck and shoulder turned out to be cattle prod burn marks! Big John was afraid to let anyone climb up the side of him to get in the saddle because of the burns. So my daughter Katie used to climb up on a tree or truck and lower herself on him.

Big John loves food more than any other horse, although Little Joe comes close. When you ride Big John it is like your sitting in an overstuffed chair, he’s so comfortable. Sometimes he acts like a brat trying to get grass or he’s just not listening. He used to break out of his pasture to go and eat with all the deer, he would just graze right in the middle of the herd. One time he took down a tree to go see his deer friends!!!


Mr. Charles Dumpling

Mr. Charles Dumpling

Mr. Charles Dumpling

Height: 4.5 hands

Charles Dumpling is a miniature horse. We met him as a stallion, he kept crossing a busy route in Saco to come try and mate with the warm blood mares (big horses). He would show up wet and covered in burs and no one was sure where he came from, he actually fought with the big male horses and injured a knee on one horse!

His name was JoJo but when my husband bought him for me I knew instantly he was a very important little man so we named him Mr. Charles Dumpling. He is very important and he will let you know that he does beat up poor Big John and will even steal the boss horses food (Iron).

Dumpling sees himself as a huge powerful horse so please don’t tell him otherwise! He gets so shaggy in the winter that he looks something like a mountain goat and in the summer he looks forward to the campers because he likes to steal their lunches so BEWARE!!!!!!!




Standard Bred
Height: 16.1 hands
Color: Chestnut

Iron was from the Boston racetrack and was called Iron Power II. Iron is one of our prettiest horses and is also the boss (except for Dumpling of course).

Iron used to kick everything, in fact when he was trailered from Boston he kicked out the trailor door. When he got to the island he walked around on his hind legs and everyone thought he was a stallion. Iron had a habit of kicking all the horses every time they got behind him. Now he very seldom does and he likes having friends.

Iron’s first friend was Mercury, I think they use to talk about racing. Iron is very helpful when Big John is being a bully, we’ll put Iron in with him and Big John remembers his manners! Iron is also the only horse that can bow and he loves breads, especially Blueberry Muffins!


Standard Bred
Height: 15.2 hands
Color: Bay

Mercury, registered name Leigh Heigh Almahurst, came from Scarborough Downs and was a stallion until the age of 10. The first time I saw him at the racetrack he had chains across his face and was victorious in winning a blue ribbon for conformation.

Unfortunately, Mercury now has a bow tendon, which means no one over 150 lbs can ride him. He is such a beautiful horse and remains our fastest horse, and he still paces when he gets confused or excited.

Mercury is also the one who takes care of all the young children’s birthday parties, daycare, school visits etc… He is also my favorite.


Color: Black and White



Miss Chicklet

Miniature Paint Horse
Height: 4.5 hands
Color: Brown and White

Miss Chicklet came to us by auction and arrived with the Belgian, Yogi.



Standard Breed
Color: Brown

Our newest race horse. His race name was Hurricane Furry. He came to the Island after knee surgery.