Our Herd

Duke –

Breed: Percheron
Height: 18 hands
Color: Black with 1 White sock

Duke is one of Jeanie’s favorites. He can be a little pushy on the ground when he wants some food. He is a sweet boy and loves attention. He especially enjoys rides on the beach!


Boo Boo Bear-

aka Bear

Breed: Belgian
Height: 18.2 hands
Color: Sorrel with White socks and a White star

Boo Bear is our tallest horse, but don’t let his size scare you! He could be your best friend with the small price of some snacks! Boo Bear is from Canada, off a working farm and can be ridden or driven. He loves to explore the trails and the beach, just looking for an open place to get some energy out.


aka Tux

Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Height: 15 hands
Color: black and white

Tux is a Gypsy Vanner Horse, he is a very good horse. We are so lucky to have him! He came to us because at his old home bear baiting was popular and he was not very safe there. He lived with some sheep and a donkey, now he lives with horses and a donkey! He loves the water and snacks!



Breed: Donkey
Height: 12.2 hands
Color: brown with some white

Jerome came to us from Perry, Maine because no one wanted him. We did not know he was as young as he is until we realized he likes to nurse on peoples nearby fingers. He still has not broken this habit, that is why he is our big baby! He is named after Jeanie’s four brothers.

Babe’s Black Dawn-

aka Dawn

Breed: Percheron
Height: 17 hands
Color: Black with a white star

Dawn is a stunning horse, she loves to pose for pictures! She gets along with any horse as long as they are okay with giving up their food for her. She is still working on her bikini body for summer as her main source of food is alfalfa and hay, but the temptations always get the best of her when it comes to snacks and grain. She is still a great escape artist along with her friends!

Little Joe-

aka Joey

Breed: Tobiano Paint
Height: 15 hands
Color: Black and White

Little Joe was born in Iowa, his name is registered as Pals Rhyme n’ Reason. He is known to be an escape artist, although he is like a dog and comes when you call him. Joey goes to Massachusetts in the winter with a friend.

Mr. Charles Dumpling-

aka Dumpling

Breed: Miniature Horse
Height: 4.2 hands
Color: White

Dumpling was a stallion when we met him, he kept crossing a busy route in Saco to try and mate with the large horses. He would show up wet and covered in burrs, no one knew where he came from. He used to get into fights with the bigger horses, and then hurt his knee once. His name was JoJo but when we got him we knew he deserved a more important sounding name. Dumpling sees himself as huge and powerful so we do not tell him otherwise. He looks like a mountain goat in the winter with his shaggy coat. His favorite thing to do is steal campers lunches, so beware!


aka Leigh High Almarhurst or Merc

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 15 hands
Color: Bay

Mercury came from Scarborough Downs Racetrack and was a stallion until the age of 10. The first time Jeanie saw him at the track he was in the winners circle and had a blue ribbon for confirmation. Mercury now is retired and enjoys his days walking alongside his friends and hanging out with his best friends (the donkey and the minis).


Miss Chicklet-

aka Chicklet or Chicky

Breed: Miniature Paint
Height: 4.2 hands
Color: Brown and White

Chicklet came to us from an auction, she came with our never forgotten Belgian horse, Yogi. She enjoys flirting with Dumpling and Mercury. Chicklet loves eating snacks and loves putting on mini shows at camp!


Buster Baxter-

aka Buster

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 15.2 hands
Color: Dark Brown

Buster was extensively trained to become a sulky racehorse but when it came to actually running, he did not want to. We got him and he is perfectly content walking around the island. Amazingly, the perfectly bred horse for racing is the best horse for anyone to ride! Buster spends the winter in Lebanon, Maine with Champ and Happy.


Champ TKO-

aka Champ

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 15 hands
Color: Dark Brown

Champ is a sulky racehorse from Scarborough Downs Racetrack. He is the only racehorse (except buster) that came to us without an injury. He loves the beach and spends the winter in Lebanon, Maine with Buster, and Happy.



Breed: Appaloosa Miniature Horse
Height: 5 hands
Color: white with brown specks

Happy is a fun and energetic mini, he loves to be groomed and loves to put on shows for the campers with the other minis! He loves snacks and loves to spend time with his friends. He spends the winter in Lebanon, Maine with Champ and Buster.


aka Brooke

Breed: Caine Corso Dog
Color: Brown and Gray

Brooke is a great dog because she is so good with everyone. She looks like she might be scary but she is the most gentle dog you could ever meet. She likes to eat snacks and she loves to cuddle up in her chair with her Duck Dynasty blanket. She also loves wearing her striped sweater because it keeps her warm!

Squeakers (visiting)

aka Squeaks and Kiki

Breed: Cat

Color: White and Gray

Kiki is a visitor for a few months here and we have found that she sheds a lot. She is with us as her owners are away! She cuddles and will lay in your lap for hours and be completely content. She loves her fancy feast!