Never Forgotten


aka Leigh High Almarhurst or Merc

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 15 hands
Color: Bay

Mercury came from Scarborough Downs Racetrack and was a stallion until the age of 10. The first time Jeanie saw him at the track he was in the winner’s circle and had a blue ribbon for confirmation. Mercury lived for 34 years, arriving on the island in 1997 until 2020. He had the biggest heart a horse could have and touched so many people’s lives, his spirit will live on forever.

Cinderella Cupcake

aka Cupcake or CC

Cupcake was a sassy little pony and she was very afraid of people when she first arrived at Horse Island Camp. She arrived to us after an accident that left her with big injuries on her side. Cupcake wasn’t the fastest horse at camp but she loved to be groomed and braided.


Babe came to us from Canada with her 7th foal, Dawn. Babe was a brood mare at her former home until Dawn was born, when the became a pulling team and became absolutely inseparable! Dawn might have been her biological daughter, but Babe was always in the lead and was a mother to all of the other horses. Babe rocks the rock!


Breed: Mini Paint

Height: 3.2 hands

Color: Brown and White

Snort came to us in 2013 with Moxie. He was given his name due to the fact he would snort every time he took a breath after  and was a super sassy mini! Snort loved to graze with his mini buddies and be pampered by campers.


Breed: Mini Paint

Height: 4 hands

Color: Light brown and White

Moxie came to us with Snorts. Moxie was severely underweight, mostly blind, had buck teeth and parasites. We had her for a couple months before we found a name that matched her unique character and spirit, being called “No Name” in the meantime. After gaining back her health, she enjoyed her days grazing with her friends and being loved by all that met her. Her charm must have been from her signature Colgate smile.

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Big John

Breed: Percheron/Thoroughbred (Draft)
Height: 17 hands
Color: Black and White

Big John came to Maine from a horse auction in Iowa. When I saw him, I knew I wanted him…

We all thought he was an old old horse– but to our great surprise he was only 2 and had only a couple of teeth! The only thing we thought was wrong with him was that he had ringworm, but actually the big circles on the side of his neck and shoulder turned out to be cattle prod burn marks! Big John was afraid to let anyone climb up the side of him to get in the saddle because of the burns. So my daughter Katie used to climb up on a tree or truck and lower herself on him.

Big John loves food more than any other horse, although Little Joe comes close. When you ride Big John it is like your sitting in an overstuffed chair, he’s so comfortable. Sometimes he acts like a brat trying to get grass or he’s just not listening. He used to break out of his pasture to go and eat with all the deer, he would just graze right in the middle of the herd. One time he took down a tree to go see his deer friends!

Iron Power II

aka Iron

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 16 hands
Color: Chestnut

Iron was from the Boston racetrack. Iron was one of our prettiest horses and was the boss (except for Dumpling of course).

Iron used to kick everything, in fact when he was trailered from Boston he kicked out the trailer door. When he got to the island he walked around on his hind legs and everyone thought he was a stallion. Iron had a habit of kicking all the horses every time they got behind him. Now he very seldom does and he likes having friends.

Iron’s first friend was Mercury, I think they use to talk about racing. Iron is very helpful when Big John is being a bully, we’ll put Iron in with him and Big John remembers his manners! Iron is also the only horse that can bow and he loves breads, especially Blueberry Muffins!


Breed: Belgian

Height: 17 hands

Color: Sorrel

Yogi was a Belgian draft horse who came to us with Miss. Chicket. At first we weren’t sure if we could even ride him, we though he might tip over! Yogi was the most relaxed horse we’ve ever had and we loved every minute we had with him. Jeanie claims she created “horse yoga” after her morning sessions with Yogi.

Irish Lass


Breed: Gypsy Drum

Height: 17 hands

Color: Black and White

Lass was a beautiful lady! She was best friends with Boo Bear when she arrived, but easily made friends with everyone! There’s nothing she loved more than being pampered and was loved by everyone. She was breathtaking and eager to learn.


aka Jumping Fool

Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: 15.1 hands
Color: White

Liberty’s real name was Jack, but we got him from Liberty, Maine and decided to rename him. Liberty had trouble with his weight because the other horses at his last home didn’t like him and wouldn’t allow him to eat, they also ran him through barbed wire so he has a few scars.

After being with us his weight was back up. Liberty loved to be free and is always jumping gates, windows, and any fence, which fits his nickname “jumping fool”.



Breed: Percheron
Height: 17.2 hands
Color: White

Diesel was a white gelding Percheron draft and an old logging horse. Diesel’s name was changed from Spruce because he breathes like a truck and we thought he needed a more powerful name.

When we got Diesel he was 500 lbs underweight and had been gorged by a bull, he also has a questionable tumor in his hoof! Diesel has the longest back I have ever seen on a horse, 5 girls rode bareback on him once! Yep, we beat the boys record of 4! Diesel was a big sweater so we couldn’t always take him out on hot days. He was once the camp’s oldest horse!

Horse Diesel



Height: 14.2 hands

Merryleggs, a.k.a. Bart Dun Starr is from Holton, ME and was once the oldest horse at Horse Island Camp. He is named after the pony in Black Beauty, however he had a habit of scratching so we thought afterwards “Itchy” would have suited him better.

Merryleggs loved getting dressed up and had walked in parades and weddings, he rode English/western and jumped. He was also our aide, Sophie’s, favorite horse.

Champ TKO-

aka Champ

Breed: Standardbred
Height: 15 hands
Color: Dark Brown

Champ was a sulky racehorse from Scarborough Downs Racetrack. He was the only racehorse (except Buster) that came to us without an injury. He loved the beach!


Breed: Standardbred
Color: Brown

Our newest race horse. His race name was Hurricane Furry. He came to the Island after knee surgery.


aka Brooke

Breed: Caine Corso Dog
Color: Brown and Gray

Brooke was a great dog because she loves everyone. She looked like she might be scary but she was the most gentle dog you could ever meet. She liked to eat snacks and she loved to cuddle up in her chair with her Duck Dynasty blanket. She also loved wearing her striped sweater because it kept her warm!



Breed: Newfoundland dog

Color: Black

Gracie came to us after being returned to her breeder, after she was found unsuccessful in the show ring and couldn’t have puppies. She had a lot of anxiety and was very afraid of people, and would go through just about anything to get away from them. She soon latched onto the staff and learned to trust the camp kids after a long 5 years with us. There wasn’t a mean bone in her body and was the most loyal dog you could ever meet.


Breed: Newfoundland dog

Color: Black


Breed: Chocolate Lab

Color: Brown

Gus came to us as a little puppy. Ever since we brought him home, he loved to sneak out and roam around the island (and make special visits to the hot dog stand!)