Not to be Forgotten Friends


Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: 15.1 hands
Color: White

Liberty’s real name is Jack, but we got him from Liberty, Maine and decided to rename him. Liberty had trouble with his weight because the other horses at his last home didn’t like him and wouldn’t allow him to eat, they also ran him through barbed wire so he has a few scars.

After being with us his weight is back up. Liberty loves to be free and is always jumping gates, windows, and any fence, we call him the “jumping fool”.


Breed: Percheron
Height: 17.5 hands
Color: White

Diesel is a white gelding Percheron draft and an old logging horse. Diesel’s name was changed from Spruce because he breathes like a truck and we thought he needed a more powerful name.

When we got Diesel he was 500 lbs underweight and had been gorged by a bull, he also has a questionable tumor in his hoof! Diesel has the longest back I have ever seen on a horse, 5 girls rode bareback on him once! Yep, we beat the boys record of 4! Diesel is a big sweater so we can’t always take him out on hot days. He is also the camp’s oldest horse!




Height: 14.2 hands
Age: 24 yrs. old

Merryleggs, a.k.a. Bart Dun Starr is from Holton, ME and is currently the oldest horse at Horse Island Camp. He is named after the pony in Black Beauty, however he has a habit of scratching so we thought afterwards Itchy would have suited him better.

Merryleggs loves getting dressed up and has walked in parades and weddings, he rides English/western and jumps. He is also Sophie’s (aide) favorite horse.